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Bitarc is the ultimate backup solution. Install the app, and start archiving your social media accounts today.

What is Bitarc

Bitarc allows everyone to Archive their social media accounts and store them in Deep Archive. Generations of family members and friends in the future will maintain access to your data stored safely in the archive.

What makes it all possible

Engineers have effectively reduced the amount of energy consumed to store, photos, videos and other important data over extremely long periods. Retrieval of data from deep archive happens only when the data is being passed on to a Digital Heir.

Sustainable Data Management

Designed on similar principles that allows Google to run billions of containers per week, Bitarc uses Kubernetes containers to manage massive loads while maintaining a light energy footprint.

True set and forget backup

Once you have set digital Heirs, which can be family members or friends never worry again about lost memories, generations will be given the gift of being part of your life. Your digital memories will live on forever.
Fun Fact

Did you know? What happens online in 60 seconds?

See what most people do online with their social media in 60 seconds.

What happens to your photos when the next facebook is invented?

“Bitarc adaptive backup technology will merge your archives with the latest social media accounts of the future.”
1 Easiest BACKUP
Social Media accounts backup
Quickly backup entire social media accounts without managing data files.
Keep your memories alive for generations
Real-time backup of Phone photos, and Media for a more seamless long term backup system.
3 Independent Platform
Super adaptive data archive application
Bitarc is platform independent and is designed auto adapt to the latest social media platforms of the future.

Bitarc Storage System

Just how long your memories will be safe in the archive?
33,492 users with 39,293 GB safe in the archive
Help add years to the storage life, go Premium and enjoy realtime backups!

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life-memory archive

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Manage from your mobile device

Backing up all your social media accounts is easy, simply install the app on your iPhone or Android device.


If you still have questions, feel free to contact us or review our FAQ.
Latest updated: August 10, 2018
How do I use Bitarc ?
Download the app and create account
Done! Your backup is on the way :)
Does Bitarc make my data public?
Never. Bitarc believes in total data privacy, rest assured your data is never shared.
How long will my data be around in the future?
Bitarc was designed with one goal in mind - Allow everyone to archive their life memories forever. Our backup lifespan is always displayed on the main page and is public information. Certain factors affect the lifespan such as premium or other paying accounts.
What if I want to store more data than my free account will allow?
Simple, just upgrade to the Premium account to unlock 10GB storage or more.
To whom may I assign as my digital heirs?
This can be anyone you want, typically Bitarc users choose family members such as- Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Uncles, Grandchildren or anyone you trust.
I love the concept, can I donate to extend the storage time for everyone?
Yes, absolutely you can Donate through Paypal, the Bitarc time will process the funds within moments and increase storage years for everyone!